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Lois Breit

U.S. Missionary to Single Moms

Lois Breit_new photo
Lois Breit

What can your church do to help a struggling single mom and her children? What steps might you take to draw them in and make them feel welcomed, accepted, and loved?

Lois Breit had five children—ages 2 to 11—when her husband left. She struggled with grief, loneliness, depression, anger, and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. How would she raise these children by herself? How could she possibly provide an income and still meet the demands of motherhood?

It helped that a compassionate church rallied around Lois and didn’t give up on her—or allow her to give up on herself. Now all five of her children are grown and love the Lord, and Lois is blessed with seven grandchildren!

Lois’s road to healing was a long, grueling one, but she testifies that God was faithful to His Word every step of the way. How appropriate, then, that the Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Department has sanctioned her proposal to be the first U.S. Missionary to Single Moms! After spending seven years with ethnic and urban Church Planting and Development, Lois now has the opportunity to follow her passion to work with single mothers.

With over one third of the general population now living in single-parent homes, Lois believes her ministry is a crucial part of our future. Single moms are overwhelmed and often totally unprepared and unequipped to cope with their circumstances. Their children may be grieving, angry, undisciplined and directionless. Both mother and child desperately need the hope and sense of purpose that can only be found in Christ. Training the church to intentionally reach these families will make an impact now and for generations to come.

If you are looking for a way to minister to single mothers in your community, consider featuring Lois for a one-day or weekend retreat. Lois brings years of life experience as a single mom, as well as pastoral and administrative skills to her workshops and conferences. Her topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

     * Forgiveness
     * Practical parenting tips
     * Being a better you
     * Dare to dream
     * Choices

Lois has also written a 30-day devotional book called 30 Days of Choices for Single Moms, and a Church Leadership Guidebook on ministry to single moms. Both of these resources are available on her website.

You can contact Lois by going to her website ( or e-mailing her at


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