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Embracing a Transformed Life

Redeemed! Book cover front
Announcing the 2013 theme book: Redeemed! Embracing a Transformed Life by Kerry Clarensau

The 2013 National Women’s Department theme is: Redeemed! 


“Oh, no! It’s ruined!”

Maybe you’ve torn your favorite shirt, or splashed bleach on your new sweater. There’s nothing more frustrating! 

Sadly, clothes aren’t the only things in life that can seem ruined. Mistakes create shame, careless words wound the heart, and disappointments steal hope. Even if we don’t feel damaged, our life may not be all we hoped it would be. But even though there is no hope for restoring damaged clothes back to the original—there is hope for us!  

We can be redeemed.

God’s redemptive plan offers you more than you can imagine! His grace can change your life completely!

He wants to:

• heal the scars of your past

• renew your perspective

• safeguard your sexuality

• provide life-giving relationships

• enrich every moment of your time 

Learn how to embrace an all-consuming relationship with God. He can transform every corner of your heart!

Jesus wants us to embrace a relationship with Him that will completely transform every part of our lives. His grace can redeem the scars of our past, our perspective, and our sexuality. He longs to lead us to life-giving relationships with one another. And He can help us to make the absolute most of our time here on earth!

Salvation is a wonderful, free gift from our Redeemer. But the redemptive, transforming process requires our participation—one day at a time. 

When we faithfully do what we can, God does the rest.  

To help women understand the concept of redemption, Kerry Clarensau, National Women’s Director, has written a book: Redeemed! Embracing a Transformed Life.  

Open this book and learn how to embrace an all-consuming relationship with God. He can transform every corner of your heart!

Each chapter includes: Group discussion questions • Five daily readings with prayers and Scriptures for meditation • Personal reflection questions and space for journaling • Video introduction (accessible by a QR code). 

Book available December 15 in English; Spanish and e-book also available soon. 
Order at: 



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