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Reaching Single Moms

Happy Mother's Day

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This week, families across the nation will celebrate mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, and sisters. However, for some, the celebration doesn't come easy. Lois Breit, Assemblies of God U.S. missionary, points out that over 45 percent of all households in most communities are headed by single moms. Breit is the first missionary to be appointed to single moms in the nation, and draws our attention to this unique demographic.

Lois Breit is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, but also raised her five children as a single mother. She knows the abandonment and hopelessness many single moms face. When she was a desperate single mother, Lois turned to a local church for help. Because this church went the extra mile to love her grieving, angry, broken family, their destiny was forever changed.

You may ask why we need a missionary for single moms. Lois points out that the national average of single parent homes in 2010 was 35 percent, but is closer to 45 percent now. That's almost half of the families in most communities (inner cities average between 74-79 percent)-yet only a handful of these families attend any church at all.

Because single moms believe they will not be welcomed or accepted in the church community, they avoid this added rejection. If they do come, they are usually looking for help or new friends-rarely for Jesus. However, what they need most can only be found in a relationship with Jesus. Relationship with Him is learned through relationship with His people. Investing in people-especially "messy" people-is work and takes time!

Lois gives us pointers for reaching single moms:

1. Become aware of the need: complete a demographic study of the single moms in your area.

2. Be intentional in outreach: Target single moms with your advertising and topics for small-group studies and events. With permission, advertise at local daycare centers, laundromats, apartments, and your local radio station-some offer free advertising for single mom events (don't exclude non-Christian stations).

3.Offer leadership training: Find single mom training resources. (See a link below. Lois has written a Church Leadership Guidebook, for ministry to single moms, which includes: Demographic guide, needs and emotions of single moms, practical ministry for moms and their children, local resources and more.)

4.Invest in the moms: They need real friends, practical help, and mentors.

Why focus on single moms?

When the Church meets the challenges the single moms bring-generational patterns are broken, families are healed, and futures are forever changed. Testimonies of salvation, lives changed, suicides prevented, abuse stopped, chaotic homes ending, hope restored, and vision regained are just a few of the stories shared by single moms following an event designed just for them.

When single moms realize they are not alone, forgotten, and are valued, their entire outlook and future is transformed!



More about Lois Breit
Many AG networks and districts have stepped up to the challenge of ministering to single moms, through: leadership training, a single moms' day out or weekend retreat, single mom break-outs or receptions at conferences, and financial support of Lois' ministry. Their donations have helped Lois publish a single moms devotional book, 30 Days of Choices, and a Bible study, 8 Weeks of Love-in both English and Spanish.

All of Lois' books are available at or visit her Web site below.


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