Who We Are

We have never seen a more exciting time to follow Christ and to lead in ministry than right now! These days in which we live are stuffed full of promise and opportunity—the promise of an incredible life lived fully in the sweet presence of God, and the amazing global-impacting opportunity to influence multitudes with the truth of His kingdom and the power of His love!

Due to constantly advancing technology, what we speak, share and live, can be experienced around the world in a split second. This amazing opportunity and voice we are given also brings some serious responsibility. We need wisdom, truth, and the power of God to live and lead well in this incredible time in history.

We see around us a constant cultural shifting that leads away from Christian ethics and morals. The results of these trends can be devastating. To those of us in leadership, the brokenness in the lives of women can feel overwhelming. Ministry to women has never been more needed than in today’s world!

This national ministry exists to challenge and equip women to passionately pursue God and to influence their world. We are here to encourage, partner with you, and provide resources to help you minister to the needs of women. Our purpose is to discover and develop biblical, godly resources to help disciple women in every stage of life: young, old, married, single, single moms . . . . We delight in extending a hand to women who find themselves in ministry and leadership, as well as to women who just want ideas to connect in deeper ways with God. You do not have to lead or walk this journey alone!

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Hand-in-hand, serving Him, serving others,

Kay Burnett
National Women’s Ministries Director

p.s. If you would like a General Information letter about our ministry, to use as a handout, or for more information, click here.