She Prays: A Book Review by Kay Burnett

Debbie Lindell has written a delightful 31-day devotional, She Prays: A 31-Day Journey to Confident Conversations with God, that takes the reader on a quest to pray more effectively and with a greater sense of confidence and ease.

Favorite Organizational Tools For a Busy Woman

As a busy women’s leader, it’s easy to get caught in a web of information that you don’t know how to handle. So many apps, software applications, and voices exist for getting work done, how do we know where to start? What is most efficient, and what will waste time?

Pray for Our Students

See You at the Pole, a day of student prayer, takes place at the flagpole of many high schools and middle schools across our country and around the world. This day was first organized in 1990 by a group of ten high school students; now millions of students participate by meeting at their school’s flagpole on the fourth Wednesday of every September. This year, Wednesday, September 25, is the day students will meet.

Anunciando el Lema de 2020: Encomendada con un Tesoro

AD Mujeres entiende que las mujeres han recibido un mando de Dios para mantenerse fuertes y ser fieles, valientes bajo fuego, humildes y devotas a la oración. Anunciamos el tema de 2020 como Encomendada con un Tesoro.