An open letter to my daughter Alexia on my first Father's Day

Alexia, thank you for giving me the gift of being your father. Before your mom and I ever met you, we loved you. I was so grateful when I saw the first glimpses of you on a black and white monitor and the doctor told us we were having a little girl. We prayed over you every day and dreamed of what our family would look like with you in it.

Are You an Intentional Woman?

God intends for each of us to live our lives as men and women with focus, determination, purpose, and significance—all based on God’s design. You and I can be intentional women, if we choose God’s ways.

Maintaining a Servant's Heart

Although advanced technology may perform many functions of servants, it can never take the place of a servant’s heart. That kind of heart is found only in people. God gifts us for service in a variety of ways. Although our gifts may differ, we all have one thing in common—the need to maintain a servant’s heart in all we do, following the example of servanthood modeled by Jesus.

Mom Strong: Celebrating Single Moms on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is not always a jubilant celebration for every mother. For single moms, Mother’s Day can often feel like just another day, or worse yet, a day where they feel completely forgotten. I will be celebrating my second Mother’s Day as a single mom this year. A few weeks ago I found myself in a very discouraged and hopeless mindset.