Easter: A Journey from Sadness to Joy

Easter is a divine mixture of hope and remembrance, sadness and joy. It demands a “new life” expectation and response each year as we reflect on its personal meaning to each one of us as believers.

Put On Your Transition Lenses

Just as transition lenses darken to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet rays that could permanently damage our eyesight, we need a similar type of protection when we are preparing for a significant adjustment. So often we tend to memorialize the fruitfulness of our past or dwell on our painful disappointments in such a way that we cannot envision what God wants to do though us in the days ahead.

Reaching Out on Mother’s Day

When June Cleaver was a mom in the 1950s’ TV series “Leave It to Beaver,” her biggest concerns centered around whether her boys washed their hands, and could she get them to stop using slang. Motherhood today swirls around so many more complicated issues than ‘50s TV moms could even imagine. Even the average mom today deals with cultural issues unheard of in the ‘50s. In addition, other moms battle with even more complexity.

Forty Days of Spiritual Discipline

Forty days. Does that seem like a long time to you? Of course, it’s all relative and up for comparison. A week is only seven days; a year is 365 days. And each of us is on a different daily agenda that makes time go quickly or slowly. If you are waiting for something important, 40 days can seem endless.