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Getting a Mentor and Being a Mentor

January is National Mentoring Month, and while often recognized as a time to reach the youth in our communities, the value of mentorship is true for people of all ages. Young women in our churches around the world are craving someone to glean from—to talk through spiritual struggles with, or for gaining practical family and marriage advice.

Power of Vulnerability in Your Leadership

Let’s talk about vulnerability—a deeply sacred place, but also a necessary venture for all, especially those in ministry. It’s hard, messy, and at times, it hurts. Here are three ways that prove beneficial to you and to the body.

Sacrifice and Rewards: A Conversation with Nina Arroyo about Ministry to Women

Ministry to women in the Assemblies of God Southern Pacific Latin District is strong and vibrant, and capably led by district Women’s Ministries director Nina Arroyo—who has a long history of ministry.

Why Your Greatest Strength Can Be Your Greatest Weakness (and How to Avoid It)

Did you know that your greatest strength can also be a weakness? We share here how this happens and how you can find balance with your strengths.