Spiritual Growth

Put On Your Transition Lenses

Just as transition lenses darken to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet rays that could permanently damage our eyesight, we need a similar type of protection when we are preparing for a significant adjustment. So often we tend to memorialize the fruitfulness of our past or dwell on our painful disappointments in such a way that we cannot envision what God wants to do though us in the days ahead.

When You Fast: An Invitation for More

If God designed us to hunger for food, then why would He ever ask us to abstain from it? Jesus exampled and taught fasting as an expected discipline in the Christian life.

Why Reading a Novel is Good for Your Soul

Most of us like a good story, but most of us can’t justify the time it takes to read a novel. Why should I read a story that isn’t “true” when there are so many important stories to follow in the news? What could Jane Austen or Charles Dickens have to do with my walk with God today?

Swapping Clothes

From Rags to Righteousness

Every Easter, along with other moms, I fretted and shopped to find just the right clothes for my two sons to wear-until, of course, they got old enough to choose their own clothes, and eventually outgrew the very idea of wanting to dress up for Easter. Still, every year around this time, I dream of a new spring wardrobe.