Crying Over Gingerbread: Balancing the Holidays

Looking back, I’ve wondered why I attempted to make those cut-out cookies at all. We really didn’t need them. I’m not sure we even liked gingerbread cookies! I learned a huge lesson that day that I’ve tried to remember in following years. That lesson was balance.

Celebrating Advent with Your Family

Some might wonder if it’s worth adding the element of Advent into their already busy holiday season. The answer is—yes, it’s worth it! The value Advent offers is its ability to place our focus on Christ.

Dear Adoptive Mom

Adoptive mom, you are a warrior. You fight wars that others would never dream of. You take down your guard and get wounded on a regular basis and you do it willingly.

Prayers for Your Thanksgiving

As we approach this special holiday, take time to sit down and make a list of all the ways God has been good to you this year and how He answered prayer. Reflect on His goodness and give Him praise for His faithfulness.