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Function of National, District, and Local Leaders

National Women’s Director and Staff

The national office exists to research and develop tools that meet the needs of women in our Fellowship. The majority of interaction is with the district directors, but the national office is also a resource for local churches. The official website of AG Women is www.women.ag.org. The national office can be reached at 417-862-2781, ext 4060.

Responsibilities of National Women’s Director and staff:

•      Research and develop products, leadership materials, and online tools

•      Create Leadership Development Units for online training and leadership certification

•      Prepare and distribute annual Ministering to Women resource magazine, including theme information for National Women’s Day, to all local churches

•      Coordinate national missions projects—Touch the World Fund, Library Fund, SIS, Light the Way, etc.

•      Provide biennial General Council women’s activities

•      Conduct annual leadership seminar for district women’s directors

District Women’s Director and Staff

Currently, there are sixty-three Assemblies of God districts/networks in the United States, fourteen of which represent Spanish-speaking populations. The district office’s main function is to provide support and guidance to local churches, drawing from resources produced by the district and by the national office. Some districts may choose to appoint sectional representatives or network leaders to aid interaction with local churches. It is wise for local women’s coordinators to keep open communication with the district or network women’s director for an ongoing flow of resources and support.

Responsibilities of District Women’s Director and staff:

•      Communicate information from the national office to local churches.

•      Offer activities to encourage the growth of ministry to women (i.e., retreats, conferences, missions projects).

•      Provide training opportunities for women’s leaders.

•      Establish guidelines for sectional women’s representatives.

•      Collect and summarize reports from local churches to send to the national office.

Local Women’s Coordinator and Team

•      Discover the unique needs and interests of the women in the church and community. 

•      Implement various events and small groups that will appeal to the women.

•      Facilitate healthy one-on-one connections through methods like mentorship.

•      Provide opportunities for women to minister according to their gifts.

•      Purchase leadership resources and products; provide training opportunities for women’s leaders.

•      Determine projects and financial commitments; raise support for local program.

•      Participate in sectional and district women’s events and projects.

•      Regularly support the section and district through tithes and offerings.

Reflection Questions

What functions of national and district women’s directors can specifically benefit you and your local church ministry?

Create a list of important contacts: National AG Women, your District or Network Women’s Director, your church's sectional representative, pastor and spouse, and ministry team.

(You can find updated district contact information by going to www.women.ag.org.)



As you better understand the heritage and purpose of ministry to women and the endless ministry possibilities, you may become overwhelmed with the mission that has been given to you. The need for ministry to women is great, and preparing for the task at hand is indeed challenging. Although you may feel inadequate to fulfill these demands, do not let that keep you from becoming all God wants you to be.

Keep in mind you are not the first to question your aptitude for the call God has placed on your life. Moses was extremely intimidated by God’s summons to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses repeatedly questioned God’s wisdom in choosing him. Yet each time, God gave assurance that He would empower Moses to do the job. History proves God keeps His Word.

God has not changed. He is still the God who is calling leaders to do His will. And with that calling comes His unshakable promise to supply all we need to fulfill His commission.



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