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Post Event Debriefing


Some event coordinators may believe that the concluding remarks of the final service mark the end to hosting a guest speaker. However, what takes place following the closing “amen” can be meaningful to the guest and beneficial to the coordinator for future ministry events.


Enclose a written thank-you note with an honorarium, and present it to the guest speaker.

Most speakers appreciate receiving a hand written note and financial remuneration from the event coordinator versus an assigned team member. This gives opportunity for the coordinator to express verbal gratitude and offers a chance for the speaker to comment on the event from her perspective.


Invite feedback from your guest speaker.

Many speakers travel extensively. Their experiences can provide an outside perspective that can be valuable in planning your next event. Consider utilizing a Plus/Delta assessment to aid in garnering as many ideas as possible.

  • A Plus/Delta is an evaluation technique. Use this tool to discover what went well (+) and what you can do to make incremental improvements (Δ). 
  • Notice the absence of the question, “What went wrong and whose fault was it?” This “blameless autopsy” helps any team interested in more effective Pentecostal ministry.
  • Invite your guest speaker to participate via e-mail.


Consider inviting your guest speaker to contribute in a Webinar or online discussion one month following the event. The benefit would be to reinforce takeaways, share reflections, and offer action points that attendees are going to implement that specifically surfaced from the speaker’s ministry.


Release your speaker to her assigned hostess to expedite last minute packing of vendor supplies, luggage etc. Then send her off with a flurry of goodbyes, hugs and a prayer! Be certain that she arrives at the airport in a timely fashion.


Reflection Question

What questions would you include in a Plus-Delta assessment?



Properly hosting a guest speaker really is simple, but do not confuse simple with easy. An eye for the details of preliminary communication, on-site essentials, and post-event debriefing will add a few extra tasks in your busy life—but the dividends will make the steps worthwhile. Your thoroughness in the first two areas will relieve your guest of distractions from small details, freeing her to remain focused on her responsibility of imparting spiritual life and practical information to the people participating in your event! Hopefully an added benefit of her distraction-free participation will be her increased ability to offer helpful insights in the post-event debriefing.


“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed” (Psalm 20:4).


Trust the Lord to help you bring all these details into order, and you will find His peace saturating your spirit.


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