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Preliminary Communication—Part Two

Effective communication with your speaker is a necessity for successful pre-event planning.

Four to Six Weeks Prior to Event

At this point, follow-up communication should include:

□   Confirmation of event schedule—E-mail the event promo packet to the guest speaker. Or if applicable, send her a
     link to the event Web site.

□   If you are planning a virtual event, confirm the schedule and plans.

□   Confirmation of travel arrangements—Confirm date, time, and place where she will arrive. Ask if flight
     reimbursement is needed prior to event.

□   Confirmation of accommodations—Include name of hotel, address, phone number, and Web site.

□   If lodging will be in a host home, confirm the following details with host—private room and bathroom for speaker;
     seclusion to study, write, pray, prepare, send e-mail and more easily rise or retire on their own schedule. Discuss meal
     plan, keeping in mind guest’s dietary needs and preferences.

□   Dietary considerations—If possible, ask the speakers’ office personnel about food allergies and snack preferences.
     Utilize suggestions for welcome gift and on-site hospitality room.

□   Speaker’s equipment needs—Secure a list of audiovisual equipment, props, etc. If the event is virtual, this will be
     especially important.

□   Ground transportation plans—Upon arrival, who will meet her? Exchanging cell phone numbers is important.

□   Suggested platform or virtual event attire

□   Anticipated number of event attendees

Week of the Event

□   Call the hotel to verify the “direct bill” status—this can save your guest from an embarrassing situation.

□   Touch base with the person who is planning to pick up the speaker upon her arrival.

□   Confirm that on-site essentials will be in place—(See next section.)
□   If you are hosting a virtual event, check in with the speaker that she has all the equipment and information she needs.

Reflection Question

Brainstorm with your event planning team any other points specific to your situation to add to the above lists.

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