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Over the years my husband, John, and I have facilitated many small groups and/or Sunday school classes on marriage. I remember vividly the spiritual warfare that accompanied these seasons. Obviously the enemy did not want us to share what we had learned, and we fought—sometimes unsuccessfully—temptations to bicker and nitpick. We were driving to class one such time, and I was in tears. My frustration mounted and I exclaimed to John, “What are we doing? We’re not fit to teach anyone anything about marriage!”

Sound familiar? Have you ever been driving to an event where you were supposed to speak, and wondered what in the world you had to offer that could possibly impact a single soul? Do you ever feel as though you are simply going through the motions, and that your ministry has no depth behind it? Do you sometimes think to yourself that there must be more to leadership than what you are experiencing?

The truth is that many of us have a lot of knowledge and experience under our belts, but we sense something is missing when it comes to imparting that knowledge to others. Ruth Haley Barton, in Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, uses examples from the life of Moses to illustrate how crucial it is to lead not from your intellect, but from the life of Christ in you. We are grateful that InterVarsity Press has granted us permission to base a unit on her book.

This unit will explore:

·      What true spiritual leadership looks like

·      Coming to grips with our own dysfunction

·      The practice of paying attention

·      How to guide others on their spiritual journey

·      Spiritual rhythms in the life of a leader

·      The peculiar loneliness of leadership

·      Re-envisioning your “promised land”


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About the Author

PATTY KENNEDY previously worked for AG Women as assistant editor, and now thoroughly enjoys editing books with her husband John. The Kennedys have three sons and daughters in law and five grandchildren. They live in Springfield, MO.


All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV®. COPYRIGHT ©1973, 1978, 1984 BY INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY®.

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