National Women's Ministries
Announcing: ReStory
Equipping Assemblies of God churches to address homosexuality and gender identity

When someone in your church says, “I’m gay,” how will you respond? 

ReStory is a network of ministry leaders and individuals endorsed by the Assemblies of God who are committed to equipping our local AG churches to address homosexuality and gender identity. 

They offer strategies for pastors, educational material for congregations, and hope and tools to people who struggle with sexual or gender problems so that everyone in our fellowship will have a ready answer when someone says, “Can you help?”

New stories of hope and transformation are waiting to be written. Is your church ready to be a part of the story?


ReStory was founded by a group of people who’ve been impacted by homosexuality. Some of them have struggled with it personally, some of them have had LGBT loved ones, and some of them have spent decades ministering to gay, lesbian, and transgender people. They know these are issues the Church can’t hide from. They also know there’s much more we all could be doing about them.

ReStory Ministries is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation endorsed by the Assemblies of God, to equip AG churches to minister to people affected by homosexuality and gender problems. They offer educational materials, seminars, and consultations to equip pastors and leaders to respond effectively when a member of their congregation says, “I think I’m gay,” or “My daughter just announced she’s lesbian,” or “My best friend is transgender, how should I respond?”

ReStory also helps local churches establish their own ministries, and consult with pastors when they have a situation in their church or staff calling for redemptive, balanced action.

Since they are concerned about the challenges our next generation is facing, ReStory develops curriculum churches can use to educate their youth about sexuality from a biblical perspective, maintaining faithfulness to while offering practical guidelines for expressing and living out that position in our churches, families, and culture.

In December, ReStory launched a monthly webinar series available exclusively to AG leaders and members, in an effort to equip believers to address the issues of homosexuality and gender identity with compassion, confidence, and clarity. Upcoming webinars include “Ministering to Those Affected by Transgender Issues,” presented by Linda Seiler on January 9, and “When Homosexuality Hits Home,” presented by Ginger Haan on March 6. The webinars are free, but registration is required.

You can find more about ReStory, and access their resources here.