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De alma fragil a fiel defensora

«Como sobreviviente de la violencia doméstica, activista, y consejera, mi compromiso y responsabilidad siempre será ofrecer información y servicios que contribuyan a la erradicación de la violencia doméstica y otros problemas sociales en nuestra comunidad». —Bethzaida Garcia

From Fragile Soul to Faithful Advocate

When Bethzaida Garcia, a pastor’s daughter in Puerto Rico, was seventeen, she fell in love.

Why should we minister specifically to women?

If you are working in a church and your assignment is to minister to women, you may be able to relate to this question: Does it ever feel like the job is just too big?

Making Time for Friendship

Friendships play an important role in a woman's life. Sometimes you need a girlfriend to confide in or cry and laugh with. Friends pray for you, encourage you and keep you accountable. But unless you make friendships a priority, neglect will cause them to weaken or even die. Here are some tips for keeping your friendships—and yourself—healthy.