A Chaplain’s Wife: Hearing from God

She was raised in church, where her father had many positions, including eventually being the pastor. However, just being in church was not enough for April (Hurt) Riley, who would become a U.S. Navy chaplain’s wife. Her husband Matt Riley is an Assemblies of God chaplain with the U.S. Navy. April says, “I had to learn how to hear from God myself and not just through someone else.”

Why Reading a Novel is Good for Your Soul

Most of us like a good story, but most of us can’t justify the time it takes to read a novel. Why should I read a story that isn’t “true” when there are so many important stories to follow in the news? What could Jane Austen or Charles Dickens have to do with my walk with God today?

Addiction Almost Ended Our Marriage

On February 25, 2012, I married my best friend, Kevin, in front of our closest family and friends in Orlando, Florida. Shortly after we married and moved to the Midwest, our lives began to change in a significant way.

La Adicción Casi Destruyó Nuestro Matrimonio

Me casé con mi mejor amigo, Kevin, en frente de nuestros familiares y amigos más cercanos en Orlando, Florida el 25 de febrero de 2012. Poco después de casarnos y mudarnos a la zona central del país, nuestras vidas comenzaron a cambiar de manera significativa.