My Happily Ever After

True confession: I love Hallmark movies. On a cold winter’s night there’s nothing I like more than cozying up with a blanket to watch one of the station’s cheesy chick flicks. Yes, I know, the stories are always the same. A single woman feels a void in her life, meets the man of her dream—and boom! Everything falls into place, and they live happily ever after.

Receiving God's Unity

February is Black History Month

The Azusa Street Revival marked a seismic shift in the history of Christianity. Those who sought God there were rewarded by a new experience with the Holy Spirit characterized by miraculous signs, a wave of new salvations, and powerful worship.

When You Fast: An Invitation for More

If God designed us to hunger for food, then why would He ever ask us to abstain from it? Jesus exampled and taught fasting as an expected discipline in the Christian life.

Top 10 Articles from 2018

We've gathered our top 10 articles from 2018—from women.ag.org. We're glad you've stopped by to catch up on some of our most popular reads from the year! Happy New Year!