My Highest Calling

God knew all along that He was equipping me for this life. Yes, I love working, and I know I’ll use my degree in some workforce eventually, but above that, my highest calling is to serve my family and others.

Dear Grieving Mother

Maybe your grief is fresh and raw and you’re still reeling from the suffocating blow of a recent miscarriage. You may think: What if God isn’t who I thought He was? How can I go on with life as I once knew it? Will I ever feel normal again? Is God—or his goodness—even real? What if my whole faith is a sham? Because the grief of miscarriage often goes unspoken, these types of questions can eat away at the soul and confidence of a woman as she tries to shoulder the burden of them in secret.

Helping the Brokenhearted

Over 1.3 million women are victims of domestic violence each year. Take a minute to mentally absorb how many women that is. Women need help on many levels when they are struggling against domestic violence and abuse. When the church steps up to become a safe place for these women, they can bring hope, healing, and health back into their lives.

5 Things To Remember When Praying for Your Adult Children

Just because you are no longer in close proximity to your child, now an adult or on the verge of adulthood, does not mean you cannot commit them to God, and trust Him to lead them for the rest of their life. Here are five things to remember when praying for your adult child.