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Library Fund

November 25, 2020 Women's Ministry Web Team Leadership

The Library Fund is a project sponsored by National Women’s Ministries. The Library Fund’s mission is to provide religious reference and study books for the libraries of the Assemblies of God World and U.S. Missions national Bible schools. The Fund is maintained from the sale of canceled postage stamps and contributions from churches and individuals.

Women’s groups coordinate the collection, preparations, and shipping of the canceled postage stamps. The stamps are sent to the National Women’s Ministries for marketing.

Churches receive “Assemblies of God Total Giving” credit for offerings given to the Fund. A value cannot be placed on shipments of stamps sent to the national department to be marketed.

The Library Fund missions project appeals to many small congregations, and oftentimes preparing the stamps is something a shut-in enjoys.

Collecting Canceled Postage Stamps

  • Promote the Library Fund in the church bulletin.
  • Encourage church attendees to save canceled postage stamps.
  • Place a container in the church lobby for members to place canceled postage stamps.
  • Appoint a committee to sort and prepare the stamps.

Preparing the Stamps

The method of preparing stamps helps determine their value. Follow these easy steps:

  • Trim stamps from the envelope with an approximate ¼-inch margin around the stamp or set of stamps. Do not tear, peel or soak stamps from the envelope or leave a large ragged paper edge around the stamp. If the stamp is cut or torn, discard as it is of no value.
  • Discard stamps with extremely heavy canceled markings, those with pen or pencil marks, and those with defects such as staple holes, tape, etc.
  • Metered imprints are of no value and should not be saved.
  • Post cards are worth more intact—leave stamps attached to old post cards (pre-1950).

Sorting the Stamps

Sort stamps by categories listed below and place in separate envelopes or zip-top bags. Mark the category name on each. Place all envelopes or bags into one large envelope or box for shipping as this reduces mailing costs. It is unnecessary to separate stamps by designs such as all flag stamps or all flower or bird stamps, etc.

     Common Small USA Stamps

  • All small (regular) stamps including current first-class and older postal rate stamps.
  • All postage due stamps, official mail stamps (red, white and blue with eagle design).
  • All bulk rate, non-profit pre-sort first-class stamps – no metered imprints.

     Christmas and Love USA Stamps

  • Combine all large and small Christmas and Love stamps.

     Commemorative USA Stamps

  • Large size stamps (about twice the size of regular common stamps) issued to commemorate a specific subject. Combine all together – sorting is not necessary.

     High Value USA Stamps

  • Stamps exceeding the current first-class postal rate including express mail stamps.
  • All duck and other hunting stamps – send the entire license.

     Worldwide (Foreign) Stamps

  • All foreign stamps of all values, sizes and countries mixed together – sorting is not necessary.

     Stamp Albums

  • Leave complete as a unit.
  • Stamps that “look different” from the rest of a similar issue could be ones with errors and should be separated from the mixture for further evaluation.

Sending the Stamps

Place all sorted stamps in envelopes, ziplock bags, or boxes into one container for shipping. Send to:

National Women’s Ministries

Library Fund Project

1445 North Boonville Avenue

Springfield, MO 65802-1894

Ship stamps by the least expensive method: parcel post or UPS. Do not send by first-class mail as the cost of postage for mailing could exceed the value of the stamps. Only rare collections or albums should be insured. Foreign stamps and the commemorative USA stamps generate the greatest income for the Library Fund, but all categories of stamps are appreciated.


Grants from the Library Fund

Assemblies of God World and U.S. Missions national Bible schools are eligible to request grants for reference and study books for their libraries. The requests are channeled through the AGWM and U.S. Missions and granted as funds permit. Since the Fund was established in 1962, grants from the Library Fund exceed $80,000.

For additional information, call 417-862-2781, ext. 4060. Mail contributions to the Library Fund at National Women’s Ministries or donate online at: giving.ag.org.