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How to Study the Bible- Video Series

Our study journal, Reclaim His Promises, is designed to make it simple for everyone to unpack and apply the truths found in the story of Nehemiah. As you read each passage, you’ll explore its context and reflect on what God is saying. In this video series with author Kay Burnett, we will dive deeper into the methods she uses for studying the Bible.

Video 1:

The term "inductive Bible study" may sound intimidating at first, but it doesn't have to be! Hear from Kay Burnett about the four easy steps you can follow to study the Bible in a way that helps you learn to hear from God.



Video 2:

Ever wonder why it's so important to prioritize Bible study? Hear what the Bible says about what spending time in the Word does for your walk with Christ and let it inspire you to keep studying. 



Video 3:

There are so many Bible translations out there; you may be wondering: How do I choose which Bible translation to study from? What are the differences between them? Get some advice from Kay Burnett about how and why to be intentional about choosing your Bible translation.



Video 4:

If you want to go further in your Bible study adventures but aren't sure where to start, check this out. Kay Burnett shares free online resources for more in-depth Bible study that can help you dive deeper into Scripture. 



Video 5:

Using a commentary during your Bible study doesn't have to be complicated! Discover three commentaries that can further enrich your Scripture study.



Video 6:

Learning more facts and context about the Bible can help you understand even more about the meaning of Scripture. Hear from Kay Burnett about the different genres of books in the Bible, such as books of law, books of history, books of poetry and more!



Video 7:

How do you translate your knowledge of new ways to engage with the Bible into action? Kay Burnett discusses how to use the inductive Bible study method in your daily life so you can apply your new skills.