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Adored—By the God Who Sees Me

September 21, 2018 Women's Ministry Web Team Featured

We believe that women everywhere can hear a message of hope and healing: You are cherished. You are worthy, valued, chosen—you are adored by God, our Father. That’s why we are announcing the 2019 theme as: Adored—By the God Who Sees Me.

Hagar, Abraham and Sarah’s servant, was the only person in the Bible who was able to give God a name, based on how He intervened in her life. She called Him “El Roi,” meaning, “You are the God who sees me” (Genesis 16:13).

We all share a universal human longing to be seen and to know we are loved. We have good news for you, friend: God sees you right where you are, and He cherishes you! Yes, YOU, with all your struggles, frustrations, failures, issues, heartbreak, and brokenness. He sees you and He adores you!

Kay Burnett, National Women’s Ministries Director, has joined with Kerry Clarensau, North Texas District Women’s Ministries Director, to create a theme study, Adored By the God Who Sees Me, (available late 2018) exploring several women of the Bible whose stories demonstrate God’s incredible love, healing power, and His surprising habit of seeing greatness and promise in women of all stations of life.

 2019 Theme – Adored



National Women’s Ministries Day for Assemblies of God churches across the United States is Sunday, February 24, 2019.  This day—or any day throughout the year—gives an opportunity for leaders to honor women and encourage them to expand their ministries within the local church. Women can be recognized for their commitment and dedication to the ministries of the entire church. 

National Women’s Ministries Day also allows each congregation to give an offering to support the Assemblies of God National Women’s Ministries. These offerings help continue ministry resources provided to women in each district of the nation and around the world. Offerings can be sent any time during the year.

Information for planning a National Women’s Ministries Day service will be mailed in October 2018 to every Assemblies of God church, included in the resource magazine titled Ministering to Women in 2019. You can find more theme helps and free downloadables here (scroll down until you find the resources for this theme).

National Women’s Ministries exists to help equip churches to effectively minister to women. The ministry provides strategies, training, and resources for district directors and local congregational leaders to create intentional, effective ministry to women. As women in Assemblies of God churches become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, they will discover greater joy and fulfillment, creating healthier relationships, families, churches and communities.