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Celebrating Advent with Your Family

November 29, 2018 Brittany Rust Featured

Advent is a time we remember the coming of Christ. We celebrate it the four Sundays before Christmas. People observe Advent in many different ways, but oftentimes, two weeks are focused on the coming of Christ more than 2000 years ago, and two weeks are given to focusing on His soon return.

Some might wonder if it’s worth adding the element of Advent into an already busy holiday season. The answer is—yes, it’s worth it! The value Advent offers is its ability to place our focus on Christ. During a holiday, we can easily get lost in with festive parties, Christmas shopping, and cookie baking. It allows you to set your eyes on Jesus and truly celebrate what this special holiday means.

Here are three ways you and your family can celebrate Advent in your home.

  1. Advent Wreath

    A wreath that sits on your table and holds four candles is a beautiful and intimate way to remember Christ. Each Sunday during the four Sundays of Advent, someone in your family will light that week’s candle. The first, second, and fourth candle are usually purple; the third candle is pink. Each Sunday of Advent, turn off the lights, light the candle, and say a prayer as a family. What a wonderful way to keep Christ at the center of the holiday!

  2. Advent Calendar

    You may recognize this activity when you hear more about it; these calendars are often found in stores. An Advent calendar is usually in the shape of a Christmas tree, house, or hanging calendar. What they all have in common is some form of 24 doors or pockets that have the ability to hold small gifts. It’s a fun way to celebrate Advent with the family! Starting with the first Sunday of Advent, each day someone in your family can open a door and receive the small gift inside. To bring more meaning to each day, you could place a piece of chocolate and Scripture verse in the holder and read the verse as a family. These doors lead up to Christmas Day, when we remember the birth of Christ.

  3. Devotions and Readings

Many devotionals online can lead you and your family during Advent. Some will focus on the four Sundays of Advent; these could be wonderful additions to the wreath. Others will be daily and can be partnered with the calendar. You can find a celebration that resonates with your family and make it an annual tradition.

As a mom of a one-year-old, I’m excited to embrace this new tradition for our family—one that both celebrates the risen Christ and waits in eager expectation for His return. This is truly what the season is all about!