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A New Curriculum for Single Moms

May 9, 2021 Ashley Grant Featured

Highlands Connect is a brand-new curriculum from COMPACT Family Services designed specifically for expectant teens/young women and single moms ages 13-30! This program takes a holistic approach by challenging the whole-person. “We want to see each young woman for who they are as a unique individual, not just as ‘single mom’”, says Ashley Grant, lead author of the program.


In the program, participants are taken through a 12-lesson series that equips them with the tools they need to experience healing of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Additionally, they will be coached with strategies to empower them in their parenting journey.


Ashley Grant, 32, became a single mom nearly overnight 3 years ago. It was not long before she realized that being a single parent is much more than just parenting a child on your own. “Being a single parent means re-establishing your identity. It means learning how to manage your own healing while simultaneously pouring yourself and your energy into your kids,” she says.


I really had to learn how to rely on God to be the missing piece in my life and in the lives of my kiddos. I understand first-hand how hard this journey can be. I wanted to use my own experience to help others who are a few steps behind me on the journey. I felt like there needed to be a single parenting program that helped women not just become great parents, but become great women in the kingdom of God. That’s why I developed this program. It was developed to help women just like me find their God-given identity, set healthy boundaries for themselves and their children, and gain basic knowledge for how to keep their kiddos thriving.”


One unique aspect of this single-parenting course is that it walks participants through the development of a Life Plan. The Life Plan is a living document that young ladies put together so they can track their progress and stay focused on the plans and purposes God has for them.


The 12 lessons can be completed by an individual as a self-study or can be facilitated by a mentor or small group leader. COMPACT has a Leader’s Guide that outlines how to successfully facilitate each lesson. Both the Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide can be found on our website, compact.family/highlands-training.


For any questions or to learn more, feel free to email Ashley at [email protected]