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Run, Baby, Run

May 3, 2018 Women's Ministry Web Team Featured

I am sitting on my deck peering over a forest of dappled green foliage listening to the birds singing their morning anthem.  All is quiet — I can hear myself breathing.  A new day.

I have just returned from a ten-day visit to my homeland Australia. I am quietly reflecting on those precious, beautiful moments. Meeting our friends' children who are now successful and well-rounded adults was a mixed blessing. It reminded me of how quickly time goes; on the other hand, it warmed my heart to see all these amazing kids serving Jesus passionately. I was reminded that life is short, and we need to seize each and every moment we have. 

I also visited family and spent some precious moments with my aged parents. I feel blessed to have both my mom and dad at this age. Dad is ninety and still the life of any party. Mom is almost eighty-seven. She grows sweeter with every passing year. I know my parents are nearing the end of their journey on earth, and as Paul and I spent hours with them talking and reminiscing, I need to hold those images in my heart and mind, bury their words deep in my psyche. I want to capture each special moment so that when they eventually go to their eternal home, I will still have these priceless memories.

I have seen people live their lives well. I have watched my parents weather the storms of life and grow in their love for each other and their God. I want what they have. As the writer of Hebrews exhorts us, I want to: “run the race marked out for us.” I don't want to meander through life or mess up. I want to keep my eye on the goal and run my race well.

A few short days after our visit, my heart is full. Seeing my parents has renewed my commitment to live well. Meeting old friends has reminded me of my faithful God and that He loves to work through all generations. Being with my sister and family has strengthened my resolve to pray earnestly and daily for all our children and grandchildren. 

I want to run to the very end and blaze the trail for my children and my grandchildren. I pray that the end of my race will be a Hebrews 12 ending ... she fixed her “eyes on Jesus” and finished her race.

I trust that my reflections will be an encouragement for you to keep running your race and to finish well.



DR. CAROL ALEXANDER is a motivational speaker and preaches at conferences and leadership seminars around the world. She currently serves as the Director of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, North Dakota and has developed the innovative program MA (Missional Leadership). Her Ph.D was a cutting-edge piece of practical theology that concentrated on Christian leadership with a focus on cultural shifts, changing authority structures and moral ambiguities in contemporary society. She is married to Paul, who is president of Trinity Bible College and Graduate School. Together, they have lived on four continents and served God passionately for thirty-seven years of their married lives.