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Top 10 Articles from 2018

December 28, 2018 Women's Ministry Web Team Featured

Here are links to some of our best, and most read, content from 2018. Enjoy bringing in a New Year with these great reads! 

1. Addiction Almost Ended Our Marriage, by Tiffany Gonzales
Kay Burnett, National Women's Ministries Director, added a note for this article: I applaud the authenticity and transparency of this couple. Thank you, Tiffany and Kevin, for bravely sharing your story of victory over a prevalent struggle in the church today.

On February 25, 2012, I married my best friend, Kevin, in front of our closest family and friends in Orlando, Florida. Shortly after we married and moved to the Midwest, our lives began to change in a significant way. We found ourselves alone and unaware of the genuine strength marriage requires, especially when difficult moments occurred between us.

2. Swapping Clothes, by Darla Knoth
Every Easter, along with other moms, I fretted and shopped to find just the right clothes for my family . . . But today, let’s focus on the garments of Easter — the garments Jesus wore.

3. Dear Adoptive Mom, by Ashley Grant
I want to pause . . . and thank you for what you do. I walk your journey every day and I know, as well as you, that adoption is far deeper and far darker than the media portrayal of a young couple embracing their new little bundle of joy.

4. Leading with the Left, by Jacob and Emileigh Rogers
“How can you send your wife into harm’s way?” is just one of the questions Air Force Chaplain candidate Jacob Rogers heard as his wife Emileigh joined the Air Force. Read this military couple's reflections on serving together.

5. Six Thoughts on Coaching, by Linda Morrison

I’ve recently added “Life Coach” to my resume. One of the elements I most enjoy in coaching is witnessing the ‘Ah-ha!” moments with the clien­t — that moment when she discovers the correct steps to making change in her life. As a coach, we don’t give the client the answers. She instead must discover answers as the coach asks essential questions.

6. Nine Character Traits, by Karen Yancey
In the Book of Ruth, Naomi provides an excellent DNA model for intentionally mentoring other women. Her story provides nine character traits of intentional mentoring.

7. Fasting and Feasting, by Darla Knoth
Because her blog was so well-received, Kristen Feola considered turning her fasting experiences into a book. She attended a writer’s conference and found an agent, who helped her find a publisher. The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, published by Zondervan in 2010, has become a best seller.

8. Humble Shepherds on a Hillside, by Kay Burnett
That starry night near Bethlehem, these humble shepherds were doing what they always did, keeping their nighttime vigil over their flocks. They had a life-altering encounter with an angel who brought them “good news of great joy.” . . . They shared a message of eternal hope, lasting peace, and a source of joy here on earth for every person, famous or anonymous, young or old, male or female, rich or poor.

9. Why Reading a Novel is Good for Your Soul, by Diane Awbrey
Most of us like a good story, but most of us can’t justify the time it takes to read a novel. Why should I read a story that isn’t “true” when there are so many important stories to follow in the news? What could Jane Austen or Charles Dickens have to do with my walk with God today?

Before we answer those questions, maybe we should ask, “What is the point of learning at all?”

10. Run, Baby, Run, by Dr. Carol Alexander
I have seen people live their lives well. I have watched my parents weather the storms of life and grow in their love for each other and their God. I want what they have. As the writer of Hebrews exhorts us, I want to: “run the race marked out for us.” I don't want to meander through life or mess up. I want to keep my eye on the goal and run my race well.