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How Can You Know?

October 5, 2020 Kay Burnett Leadership

How can you know if you are called to work with women? I think the answer flows from two possible streams.


First, as a member of the body of Christ, we each have a responsibility to serve in our church. Sometimes our “call” to work with women is based on a need and may be only for a season. Your pastor or other leader may ask for help in serving or leading a ministry, a study, or event. We all can pitch in at times because the need for ministry in a church is great and ongoing.  Often, willing workers are few.


Second, God may call you to lead or serve women as your specific area of ministry. He calls individuals in unique and personal ways, but here are a few thoughts that may help us know when He is speaking to us, using the context of ministry to women:

  • We feel a continual pull in our spirit to step into something more, maybe lead a Bible study, mentor someone, accept an invitation to join the lead team.
  • Along with that tug in our heart, we sense God confirming the call through our time in prayer and in the Word. The Holy Spirit is active in speaking through the Word and our time with Him.
  • Others will tend to point out what they see as a strength or anointing in our life for leading and working with women. Sometimes others can see it before we do.


Not relying on merely one avenue, but looking for multiple confirmations will always help to lead us into ministering to women. Though not always easy, ministering to women is a vital and fulfilling way to minister in your church.