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How to Keep Going In the Midst of Discouragement

July 2, 2021 Nonda Houston Leadership

Sometimes it is a challenge to keep from being discouraged with circumstances and the demands of everyday life. Honestly, life happens and can snuff out our flame. So, what can we do to keep our hearts ablaze?

In Luke 24, Jesus had just been crucified, and news of the resurrection had not yet reached a couple of discouraged disciples as they journeyed on the road to Emmaus. They began talking with a man, but did not realize that it was Jesus. After walking together for a while, they invited Him to dinner. There, as he broke bread, the veil was lifted and they saw their risen Savior! Later, they enthusiastically shared with each other about their experience:

“Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?” – Luke 24:32 NLT

Here’s a few take-aways to consider from this story:

  1. Even when you are discouraged, Jesus is always closer than you realize.
  2. Discouragement can veil your eyes, but spending time with Jesus ultimately brings enlightenment, fellowship and joy.
  3. Closeness to Jesus and the Word will ignite your heart!

You, my friend, are the keeper of the flame of your heart. Financial pressures, illness, raising kids, marriage issues and work pressure (to name a few) can blow an arctic wind, causing your flame to flicker and grow dim. Guard it, nurture it and feed it by staying in the Word and intimate communion with the Lord.

May you feel the warmth of His heart fanning yours into a roaring fire, and ignite the hearts of others in your world.