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How to Lead Like Jesus

May 29, 2020 Kay Burnett Leadership

We’ve all heard the statement, “Lead like Jesus,” but what does that actually look like? When we view Jesus through the lens of leadership, we find His leadership style paradoxical and counter to culture’s view of leadership. Just how did Jesus lead?

  • Jesus led with equity toward all.

Whether it was speaking to a Samaritan woman, noticing a poor widow’s sacrificial offering, healing ten lepers, or forgiving an adulteress, Jesus offered equal attention and honor to the most marginalized as well as the influential. We only lead like Jesus when we view others as equal in value, regardless of status, race, gender, desirability, or personality.


  • Jesus led from a full soul.

He fought hard to spend time in prayer, lingering in the presence of His Father. Through the discipline of faithfully and sacrificially meeting with God, He could then claim that He only did what the Father said. Too often, we mistake business models of leadership for Kingdom models. We are Pentecostal believers, invited to lead accordingly. We can glean from solid leadership resources, but nothing can replace the Holy Spirit’s leading and the Living Water to satisfy our soul thirst.


  • Jesus led humbly.

He did not lead through personal preferences, a studied style, or to scale His ministry. Jesus led based on the Father’s instructions, not on what was trending or would increase His popularity. He never ministered based on garnering “followers.” Unconcerned with being upstaged, Jesus freely empowered His disciples to do the work of the ministry.

Lead like Jesus, and you are guaranteed a heart for others, a full spiritual reservoir, and the humility to keep your feet on the right path. The world needs more leaders like Jesus.