Sacrifice and Rewards: A Conversation with Nina Arroyo about Ministry to Women

Ministry to women in the Assemblies of God Southern Pacific Latin District is strong and vibrant, and capably led by district Women’s Ministries director Nina Arroyo—who has a long history of ministry. 

Nina grew up in a Christian home as the youngest in her family and served God even in her youth. She and her husband Nemias have been happily married for 38 years, with three children, Brenda, Jose, and Nina Marie, and three grandchildren. Nina says, “We have the blessing of having my dad with us still, at 103. His life is a miracle from God. Doctors expected him to die from stomach cancer in 1965, so they neglected even the most basic medical care. But God was pleased to heal him and keep him this long for His glory!” 

Nina graduated with honors from La Verne University, with a Business Administration degree, and worked for the City of Los Angeles for 38 years. She was promoted through several departments, retiring as a manager from the Department of Water and Power.

Before becoming the Women’s Ministries director of the Southern Pacific Latin District, Nina served 23 years as the women’s representative for the Central L.A. Section. She became district director in 2012. The district has over 340 churches, encompassing the areas of Southern California, Nevada, and Hawaii. 

Nina and her leadership team oversee three major events for the women of the district: a seminar, a convention, and a retreat. “In each of these events, women receive training, are inspired, ministered to, and motivated to face challenges with faith, and serve the Lord with all their heart. In addition, women are refreshed in spirit, mind, and body, as they are nourished, refreshed, renewed, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and blessed beyond measure. We have seen a growth in attendance at these events, and receive powerful anointing form the Holy Spirit,” Nina shares.

“What I want to see in the future is that each woman reaches the potential and fulfills the purpose and plans God has for her life.” ~Nina Arroyo

In the district’s seven regions and 14 sections, the women offer leadership training events during the first months of the year. In addition, they hold district-wide Women’s Ministries leadership training for new local coordinators. 

The Southern Pacific Latin Women’s Ministries also offers these ministries that can be implemented into the local church to address needs of women, increase participation in Women’s Ministries, and promote spiritual and numerical growth in the local church.

  • Alfoli de Dorcas — the Joy Room
  • Alma Fragil (Fragile Soul) — ministry to victims of domestic violence
  • Alcance Compasivo (compassion outreach) — short-term missions
  • Elegidas (Chosen) — ministry to young women, ages 18 to 35 years old
  • Conectando Vidas (Connecting Lives) — evangelism and fellowship
  • Continua Brillando (Continue Shining) —ministry to senior adult women
  • De Mujer a Mujer (From Woman to Woman) — mentoring for women
  • Mi Lugar Secreto (My Secret Place) — prayer ministry
  • Mujer Sabia (Wise Women) — ministry to women whose husbands are not believers
  • Toque de Esperanza (Touch of Hope) — ministry to single moms
  • Impacto Escolar (School Impact) — making a difference in and praying for our schools 

In addition to the events and the many ministries offered, Nina says that the district’s Women’s Ministries is open to assist and provide direction and guidance to local coordinators and individual women who come to the office. The staff works to encourage increased participation and growth within Women’s Ministries in the local church. Nina shares, “A lot of women would like to work in Women’s Ministries, but some of them lack the commitment and discipline required to work in ministry. Working in ministry requires a level of sacrifice, but the rewards are enormous.” 

“I would like to see more women involved in our events,“ Nina reflects. “Even though we have a marked increase of the number of women involved, a lot more could attend. The key, I believe, is prayer and intercession for the women.” Nina’s team prays and fasts for at least a month before each major event, that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit during our events.

Nina concludes, “I have a passion for ministering to women, with over 29 years of Women’s Ministries experience, and I thank God for the privilege. What I want to see in the future is that each woman reaches the potential and fulfills the purpose and plans God has for her life.”

Nina Arroyo
Southern Pacific Latin District
Women’s Ministries Director