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Dear Adoptive Mom

November 23, 2018 Relationships , Featured

“A child born to another woman calls me mom. The magnitude of that tragedy
and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me.”  ~Jody Landers

Dear Adoptive Mom,

I want to pause during this month and thank you for what you do. I walk your journey every day and I know, as well as you, that adoption is far deeper and far darker than the media portrayal of a young couple embracing their new little bundle of joy.

You know the heartache of watching a family fall apart so an adoption could take place.

You live in fear and anticipation of the day that your little one will beg you to explain the tragedy that took place before your child became “yours.”

You constantly fight through the well-intended opinions of others as they try to advise you how and when to share information with your child about his or her adoption story.

You cringe when people tell you how lucky your child is to have you because you know that you are the lucky one to have been chosen to raise this child.

You smile through the prying and insensitive questions about a history and a story that belong only to your child and no one else.

You fight the urge to respond in anger when people point out the obvious physical characteristics that tell them that your child is not biological.

You stay up for hours on end, sorting through hospital records and fragmented documentation so you can piece together some kind of medical history that your pediatrician asks for at every single appointment.

You know what it’s like to shed tears over the fact that you can’t answer whose sense of humor your child has, or whose nose, or whose artistic abilities.

Adoptive mom, you are a hero. You love with your whole heart and you love in ways that many others can’t. You took risks to rescue and redeem a child. You journey through life without any way of anticipating what may lie ahead.

Adoptive mom, you are a warrior. You fight wars that others would never dream of. You take down your guard and get wounded on a regular basis and you do it willingly. 

You fight those wars again and again because you get to experience something others don’t often experience—a glimpse of how the Heavenly father feels about us, His adopted children.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you look down into your child’s eyes and see a reflection of yourself, their mom.

Happy National Adoption Month, adoptive moms! We salute you!


ASHLEY GRANT is the CompAct Ministries representative for the state of Missouri.