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Five Day Devotional Teaches Us Courage

April 16, 2020 Darla Knoth Spiritual Growth

On the YouVersion Bible app

Are you looking for courage during these fearful times?


Let us suggest the five-day devotional you can easily find on the YouVersion Bible app. It’s called “Trustworthy: Learning courage from the life of Daniel.”


The study of the life of Daniel is a fascinating one—he was an exemplary man, of great character, courage, humility, prayerfulness, and vision—and lived a life we can learn from today. We can study his life as a young captive in a foreign land, to his strong life as a faithful prophet. He stood against the culture of his day—as we find we also need to stand against trends in today’s culture.


To find this study, download the YouVersion Bible app on your phone or other device, then find the checkmark labeled “plans.” Choose the tab “Find Plans” and use the magnifying glass symbol to search for “Trustworthy: Learning courage from the life of Daniel.” Once you choose this plan, it will show up in your tab called “My Plans.”

From there, you can start reading this devotional.


Here is a summary of this plan:


Day 1—The Life and Character of Daniel, Psalm 86:2

Day 2—Bowing Down to Another God, Daniel 3:1-7

Day 3—The God Who Rescues Us, Daniel 3:8-15

Day 4—Trusting What God Can Do, Daniel 3:16-23

Day 5—God is with Us in the Fiery Furnace, Daniel 3:24-30


What could have been more frightening that the experience of the three Hebrew children facing the fiery furnace? During these five days, you’ll walk through this experience with Daniel and his friends, as they experienced a miracle of deliverance, and learned to be courageous.


Kay Burnett, author of this five-day devotional, says, “We may not escape collateral damage from every fiery furnace we go through, but we can go through them with courage to emerge with the sweet aroma of Christ because we pressed close to Him on our journey.”


We know you will enjoy this study!