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Put On Your Transition Lenses

April 15, 2019 Ruth Puleo Spiritual Growth

Ruth Puleo

I am facing a major life transition in the next few months. As I leave behind cherished friendships, places that hold treasured memories, and a ministry passion of 21 years, my future focus requires divine adjustment to see God’s perspective. During my quiet time, God gently spoke to my heart, “Ruth, put on your transition lenses.”  God’s word of instruction was not only timely, but absolutely necessary to navigate this new season of life. Perhaps you are in the midst of your own unique shift and need help to put the past into perspective and gain clarity for the future.

Just as transition lenses darken to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet rays that could permanently damage our eyesight, we need a similar type of protection when we are preparing for a significant adjustment. So often we tend to memorialize the fruitfulness of our past or dwell on our painful disappointments in such a way that we cannot envision what God wants to do though us in the days ahead. Jesus cautioned Peter in Mark 8:33 (NLT), “You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.” Let’s seek God for His perspective of our past so we can best prepare for our future.

Transition lenses are also designed to improve our eyesight and enable us to see with clarity. As we enter our new season, leaving what is familiar and going into the unknown, it is easy to feel like we are walking in the dark. But, when we apply God’s promises and remember His faithfulness in our past, we can look ahead with certainty that God has our future under control. When we look ahead with the eyes of faith, the direction we are to take will become clear, and the details of our future will be more vivid than we ever dreamed possible. “The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?” (Proverbs 20:24, NLT).

Prayer: Lord, give me Your transition lenses to see what You have in store for me and to trust You every step of the way that You will lead me in the way You would have me go.