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What To Do If You Fall Behind

January 21, 2020 Kay Burnett Spiritual Growth
We all live busy lives. Unexpected interruptions and detours happen to all of us. What can you do to ensure that you keep reading the Word when it gets tough or you fall behind? Here are a few tips to help you navigate through your unexpected detours this year.

First, no matter what, we have better success with any new discipline when we create a solid routine for it. Establish a life rule about reading the Bible that will help you succeed every day. (Remember, we have an enemy who will try hard to keep us from our time with God and His Word. Expect opposition.) 

Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Eat your “spiritual bread” before you eat your physical “bread.” Make a rule that before you eat breakfast, you will take the time to read the Word first. (Personally, I like to share my coffee with God. I think He’s a coffee lover, too!)
  • Check in with God before you check your news feed, every . . . single. . . day. Reading His Word and praying are so much more important than reading Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV, the news, or e-mail. Try making this a life rule, and you will more likely be faithful to read your Bible.
  • If you fall behind, remember you have every Sunday to use as a catch-up and reflection day. You can also use practical times such as lunch and breakfast to catch up. Even if you read your physical Bible daily, consider using YouVersion to catch up. YouVersion lists each passage separately, allowing you to read one short section at a time and check it off. Or, you can select the audio button and let YouVersion read the passages to you while you drive, exercise, or do chores. If you are not familiar with YouVersion, you can download the Bible app, then search “Plans” for Chasing Truth.
  • Set up an accountability agreement with your small group or close friends. This can go a long way to keep us all from falling away from the commitment. 

You can do this, Sister! We can all encourage each other and apply these tips or other ideas to help us keep going. We are praying for you!