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AG Women Announce 2021 Theme—She Abides: Cultivating a Fruitful Life in Jesus

November 2, 2020 Women's Ministry Web Team Featured

She who abides in me bears much fruit (John 15:5).


As women, we are frequently bombarded with information for self-care: hair and make-up products, food management and techniques, methods of exercise—all good for the outward body. But when was the last time you concentrated on caring for your soul?


Jesus calls us to a life of abiding in Him, caring for our soul more than we care for our self. 


The Greek word for abide is meno, a word rich in meaning, conveying a place of profound connectedness to Jesus. Abiding in Jesus calls us to stay or dwell with Him, remain steadfast in Him, faithfully continue in Him. 


We live our most purposeful life grafted into Jesus—the Vine. The Father prunes, shapes, and tends to every branch, nurturing each one to be healthy and produce fruit. Jesus assures us that we will indeed bear fruit, but only if we abide in Him. 


Author and speaker Jodi Detrick has written the 2021 theme study, called The Settled Soul: Tenaciously Abiding with a Tender God. She says:

In John chapter 15, Jesus uses a metaphor we can all understand to talk about things we might not: what it means to abide, remain with, settle in with Him. In the process, He offers a magnificent invitation to experience breath-taking intimacy and enduring fruitfulness, even for ordinary lives like mine. 


Find out more about this book and the theme, She Abides: Cultivating a Fruitful Life in Jesusby visiting the theme page of women.ag.org for theme information and free downloads.


National AG Women’s Day is Sunday, February 28, 2021, for Assemblies of God churches across the United States and worldwide to celebrate the women of their congregations.Information for planning a National Women’s Ministries Day service is mailing in November 2020 to every Assemblies of God church, included in the resource magazine titled Ministering to Women in 2021


National Women’s Ministries exists to help equip churches to effectively minister to women. The ministry provides strategies, training, and resources for district directors and local congregational leaders to create intentional, successful ministry to women. As women in Assemblies of God churches become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, they will discover greater joy and fulfillment, creating healthier relationships, families, churches and communities.  


Contact:  Visit women.ag.org for more information about the 2021 theme, and about ministry to women. Find National Women’s Ministries on Facebook at: AG Women and Instagram at: @agwomens.  E-mail: [email protected], or call: 417-862-2781, extension 4060.